Dry vs. Wet Aging: Key Differences

Which is better – dry-aged or wet-aged steak? This topic has become quite a bone of contention amongst us carnivores. So before we get started weighing up the pros and cons, let’s explain what aging means: The aging process kicks in post-mortem in the days after slaughter. During this time, the enzymes start working on […]

Prime Rib vs Ribeye Steak

Ribeye and prime rib are a cult-favorite in the meat community. However, these two are also confused for one another. And, we don’t blame you. Ribeye, prime rib, standing rib roast – who wouldn’t confuse them? So, is prime rib the same as ribeye? No! While these two cuts share some similarities in regards to […]

Filet Mignon: What is it & How to Cook

Picture this: you have a reservation for the fanciest steakhouse in your town. There’s fine china and crystal glasses everywhere. A waiter, with a classic silver tray, comes to your table. He puts it down, takes the dome off it, and reveals a nice, juicy steak. What kind of steak is it? If we know […]

What is Prime Rib Roast?

While people consume beef constantly, besides that old Wendy’s commercial, most people don’t know a lot about it. Where to find quality beef? How much does it cost? How do you prepare it? A lot of people couldn’t give you a good answer to any of these questions if their life depended on it. Even […]

USDA Beef Quality Grades

Perhaps you’ve just come out of your first prime steak experience. You wonder to yourself: why can’t ALL steaks taste this good? The answer (mostly): beef quality grades. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) grades beef based on degree of marbling and the maturity (estimated age) of the animal at slaughter. The three top quality […]

T-Bone vs Porterhouse Steaks

OK, so you’re hosting a socially distanced backyard dinner party for a group of friends and debating what kind of steaks to grill up. You want something that’s going to look good over the flame, something substantial. You consider a Porterhouse, or maybe a T-Bone. You go to your local butcher. The Porterhouse costs 17% […]