Prime Time Top 10 Steakhouses
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Breakfast Steak & Cream Cheese Bagel Sandwich

Turn that leftover scrumptious steak into a very quick meal or snack. Breakfast, lunch or anytime the tummy feels an urge. Sit, relax, enjoy it. Or take it with you on the go. If you're going to a meeting, you might want to ditch the onion.


  • Sliced leftover steak
  • Split bagel or maybe two
  • Reduced-fat cream cheese
  • Bit of nonpareil capers or desired alternative
  • Thin slices of red onion
  • Sliced tomato


Heat sliced leftover steak in the microwave. Spread cream cheese on both sides of a sliced bagel. Sprinkle capers over the cream cheese. Top with a tomato and onion slices. Top with heated leftover steak. That's it. Eat it now or eat it on the way.